Eneractive Solutions named number 24 on Forbes list of America's 100 most promising companies

ENERACTIVE Solutions (ENERACTIVE), an independent, full-service energy consulting, engineering, and project development company, announced today that their team has been ranked Number 24 on Forbes' 2011 list of America's 100 Most Promising Companies. The list features 100 privately-held up-and-comers with compelling business models, strong management teams, notable customers, strategic partners, and precious investment capital.

ENERACTIVE provides independently-tailored energy solutions for organizations seeking to reduce operating costs and improve environmental attributes through fiscally-prudent and socially-responsible initiatives.

In what is a competitive and vacillating business environment, ENERACTIVE's President and CEO, Dan Weeden, credits the success of the company to operating outside the bounds of traditional hierarchy and process, while maintaining a strong company culture for vision and technical excellence.

"We could not be more humbled or honored to receive this news," said Mr. Weeden. "This distinction punctuates the performance and effort of an amazing team of employees, each of whom bring unparalleled technical insight, unwavering commitment, and endless energy to their actions. These are the attributes that our clients have come to trust in moving them into the realm of responsible energy use."

And the list of clients continues to grow for ENERACTIVE. Johnson & Johnson, Princeton University, The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and the American Water Company are just a few of the companies who trust ENERACTIVE to bring them innovative energy-performance enhancements and new ways to achieve improved facility operations.

"Sizing up younger, privately held companies is hard: Their fortunes can change very quickly and there's a dearth of public data," says Forbes Executive Editor, Brett Nelson. "We took a more comprehensive approach to evaluate their health and potential."

As described on the Forbes web site concerning how they went about developing this year's list, Forbes sharpened their search by teaming up with CB Insights, a Manhattan-based data firm that tracks investments in high-growth private companies. With $650,000 in grants from the National Science Foundation, CB Insights developed a complex software called "Mosaic" that mines a myriad of online sources (from press releases and social networks to job boards and court filings) to come up with one, algorithmically-derived score that measures a private company's health (see http://www.forbes.com/sites/brettnelson/2011/11/30/how-we-selected-americas-most-promising-companies/ ). Forbes combined Mosaic's data-crunching technique with old-fashioned reporting to assemble a list of rising stars with bright growth prospects. To view the complete the list, please visit: http://www.forbes.com/ampc.


Canoe Brook Water Treatment Facility gets power from innovative "floating" solar photovoltaic system

ENERACTIVE Solutions (ENERACTIVE), an independent, full-service energy consulting, engineering, and project development company, recently completed the installation of a 112 kW solar photovoltaic system on a floating racking system atop the reservoir at New Jersey American Water's Canoe Brook Water Treatment Facility located in Short Hills, NJ. By harnessing the power of the sun, this initiative is anticipated to generate 136,000 kWh of energy per year to help the plant treat and pump close to 40 million gallons of water per day to 78,000 homes within the municipalities in Essex, Union, Morris, and Somerset counties.

David Klockner, Vice President and COO at ENERACTIVE stated, "When considering the significant power required to purify, pump, and deliver tap water to homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it only made sense to design a more efficient energy-generating system that would conserve our client's working capital and our country's natural resources."

This project was originally initiated at the end of 2009 when ENERACTIVE was contracted by NJAW to conduct solar photovoltaic surveys on sixteen (16) of their water treatment locations. During the study it was determined that since many of their facilities contained large, remote reservoirs used in the water distribution system, these vast surfaces should be utilized to host a "floating" solar photovoltaic system. ENERACTIVE proceeded with the design and development of this innovative approach to energy production by creating a solar array that would float on an open body of water, with the rigor to endure the harsh weather conditions that are prevalent in the North-eastern, United States. ENERACTIVE President and CEO, Dan Weeden added, "This is an ingenious solution to a serious site constraint. Our team was able to formulate and implement a solar project where land and roof space was scarce. These are exactly the types of hand crafted solutions we love to bring to our clients".

Limited floating solar photovoltaic systems have been installed in warm-weather climates. These systems, however, have previously not been able to survive freeze/thaw weather cycles. ENERACTIVE was able to include a specialized docking system (manufactured by Poralu Marine), that contained floats filled with polystyrene, allowing them to withstand severe weather conditions. Even in the case of an unlikely puncture or failure, they will still float and can easily be maintained. This coupled with the creative underwater anchoring system (manufactured by Seaflex, Inc.) provided the stability needed for optimal performance of the solar array.

Suzanne Chiavari, Vice President of Engineering at New Jersey American Water, took a bold step by commissioning the engineers and consultants at ENERACTIVE to design and install this ground-breaking project. Ms. Chiavari noted, "While the Canoe Brook plant does not have a significant amount of open space, we wanted to examine an innovative solution that could be expanded or potentially used at other water facilities. We know the array will generate power, and are anxious to confirm that this new floating technique will be as maintenance-free as our other ground-mounted applications."

Over the next year, New Jersey American Water and ENERACTIVE will evaluate the performance of the array and the extent of maintenance required, and after one year of operation determine how they can expand the potential for this type of unique renewable energy system.

New Jersey American Water installed its first ground-mounted solar facility in 2005 and has added several since that time. They are currently installing three additional solar arrays with ENERACTIVE, however, this innovative floating system is a ground-breaking step for them.

The State of New Jersey has a progressive renewable energy program which provides incentives for alternative power projects and creates jobs. The 2009 Federal ARRA tax incentives (Stimulus Plan) along with the State of New Jersey SREC program make the installation of solar facilities in this state an attractive investment with a reasonable payback.

ENERACTIVE Solutions is an independent, full service energy engineering and project development company specializing in the analysis, design, development, and installation of energy efficiency and building infrastructure projects. ENERACTIVE leverages both traditional demand side strategies and innovative supply side initiatives to ensure optimum facility performance and lower operating costs.


The Painted Turtle Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Eneractive Solutions LLC is hosting a Wine Tasting Fundraiser on October 22nd from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM at The Parlor Gallery located at 717 Cookman Avenue Asbury Park, NJ and art629 located at 629 Cookman Avenue Asbury Park, NJ. Both art galleries will have a variety of red and white wines available. All proceeds from the event will benefit The Painted Turtle Camp, a year-round camp for seriously ill children. This event will help raise much needed funding for medical supplies and items needed for activities and games. Typical camp activities include horse-back riding, rope climbing (where even kids in wheelchairs are lifted up by ropes so they can participate), water activities, arts and crafts, musical education, and other fun games.

The Painted Turtle is the sixth addition to Paul Newman's family of Hole in the Wall Camps for seriously ill children. The Painted Turtle provides these children and their families with an empowering, renewing experience completely free of charge. Through educational, therapeutic, safe, and just plain fun summer camp and year-round programs. The Painted Turtle provides a life-changing experience to children whose daily struggles often diminish both their desire to be well and their ability to lead a rich, productive life.

With this in mind, we are respectfully requesting your help. Please consider supporting the Eneractive Solutions LLC Wine Tasting Fundraiser to benefit The Painted Turtle. Our goal is to send 25 seriously ill children to the camp. We will gratefully recognize your contribution in our program which will be handed out to all of those in attendance, as well as a written thank you for your thoughtfulness and support.

We hope you will help these deserving children by supporting our cause. If you would like to become a sponsor, or enjoy an afternoon of great wine and art, download the sponsor form here. Please make any monetary donations payable to The Painted Turtle. You may forward your contribution to this fundraiser at the above address, attention Sarah Jastrzebski. Sponsorship Donation and Ticket Request Forms may also be emailed to charity@eneractivesolutions.com. To answer any questions regarding the event or the enclosed form, please contact Sarah at 732-570-8306 or at the email referenced above. If you would like to donate a door prize to be awarded at the event, please contact Sarah.


William J. Gretta, PE to Lead ENERACTIVE Solutions’ Power Plant Solutions Business

ENERACTIVE Solutions is pleased to announce that Bill Gretta, PE, has joined ENERACTIVE Solutions as the Vice President of Power Plant Solutions. As a full service energy and optimization firm, ENERACTIVE will be serving power generators in the domains of improved plant efficiency, SCR and NOx Reduction Solutions and Performance Engineering.

Most recently, Bill Gretta served as the Director of SCR Systems Engineering for Hitachi Power Systems America, Ltd. In his new role, Mr. Gretta will be responsible for the development and oversight of solutions based offerings specific to the power generation markets.

Dan Weeden, President and CEO of ENERACTIVE Solutions was quoted as saying “The addition of Bill is a tremendous opportunity for ENERACTIVE. Needing subject matter expertise for the enhancement and optimization of environmental control systems, power generators will now have an opportunity to have independent, client aligned engineering services available to them. This aligns perfectly to our vision of serving energy markets with responsible, technically superior services”.

“These are very opportunistic, yet challenging times for electric utilities. We want to focus on the engineered solutions that will make our clients more viable and profitable in the ever evolving markets of power generation”, said Gretta.

ENERACTIVE Solutions is an independent, full service energy consulting and project development company specializing the analysis, design, development, and implementation of energy conservation and optimization projects. Through a focus on traditional energy consuming systems, such as HVAC and site utilities, as well as new energy technologies, renewable power, and utility scale generation, ENERACTIVE’s mission is to foster long term relationships with our customers by consistently delivering innovative technical energy solutions that save money and preserve the environment. We distinguish ourselves in the market by aligning this mission with the energy goals and objectives of our clients.


ENERActive Receives Urban Green Service Award

On June 14th, Urban Green (the NY Chapter of the US Green Building Council) awarded our NY Regional Vice President, Saverio Grosso, with a Service Award in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to the green industry. Over the past several years, Saverio has given freely of his time to present at numerous Urban Green educational events, while also volunteering at several events. Most notably, Saverio authored the Commissioning sections for the GPRO training curriculum being utilized as part of the workforce development efforts of the USGBC.